Intelligently Enabling Decision Makers.

We deliver real-time insights about your business with devastating speed and accuracy. Speaking truth to power with live, validated information. That’s dedication to data.
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Everything in it’s right place. One place.

Demonstrate individual contributions to the bottom line – all from one digital dashboard.

We’ll connect all of the data that you care about so you can center your strategic discussions around real-time data. Here’s how it’s done:

Connect and Define.

Lehigh Valley Business Intelligence - Domo Consultants

We’ll modernize and optimize your company’s performance using our three step process:

  1. Assess and Define
  2. Automate and Optimize
  3. Assign and Track

Let the data speak.

Use real-time data-driven insights to guide your business - Lehigh Valley Domo consultants.

Your highly customized business intelligence dashboard will provide you with productivity insights, at-a-glance project snapshots, and real-time performance metrics.

A solution for every role.

Domo Consulting

Your team will be given the “keys” and taken for a test drive in your own data, making you the master of your own realm. Individualized access and training will be provided for Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Implementation, and Service teams.


Process Optimization and Business Experience


AI & Technical Expertise

The Secret Recipe:

A carefully honed approach that integrates common sense, good business principles, and cutting edge technology to provide leaders with the insights they need to make informed decisions.