No matter what department you work in or what your title is, one thing is for sure: someone wants something from you.

Formal meetings, hallway conversations, instant messages, emails—whether it’s a major new project or a quick favor for another team, you’re inundated by incoming work requests.

The biggest problem with these informal, drive-by requests is that you never get all the information you need. Chasing down requirements so you can do your job often takes longer than the job itself. And if you don’t get those details upfront? And endless cycle of revisions awaits you.

When you have everything you need from the start, you can deliver on expectations the first time around, saving yourself some time (and headaches). 

We built Wrike Requests to help you keep up with all this incoming work, stay organized, and get all the information you need to get the job done. Once you learn the basics of building your own custom Request forms in Wrike, here are templates of 10 common work requests to help you get started.

1. New Project Request Form

Fields to include: 

  • Title:
  • Department:
  • Priority:
  • Planned start date:
  • Planned completion date:
  • Project Description:
  • Estimated Cost:
  • Other Benefitting Departments:

2. Change Request/Issue Resolution Form

Fields to include: 

  • Issue title:
  • Project that issue is related to: 
  • Issue request date:
  • Issue type: 
    • defect
    • idea
    • enhancement request
  •  Issue description:
  • Resolution and next steps:

3. Creative Brief

Fields to include: 

  • Job Name
  • Asset Type
  • Is this an update or new work?
  • Link to previous asset if update
  • Target Audience
  • Target Channel
  • Call to Action
  • Has this request been approved by a marketing manager?
  • Job description
  • Launch/Campaign Dependency
  • If dependency exists, Marketo ID
Wrike Requests

Custom Work Requests in Wrike

4. Help Desk Request 

Fields to include: 

  • Date
  • Name
  • Department
  • Platform/Operating System
  • Hardware/Device
  • Description of problem
  • Priority

5. New Hire Setup

Fields to include: 

  • New Hire name:
  • New Hire department:
  • New Hire role/title:
  • New Hire start date:
  • Hardware requirements:
    • laptop
    • headset
    • physical phone
    • other: 
  •  Software requirements
    • MS office
    • Adobe creative suite
    • Softphone
  •  Provision user account for

6. Marketing Ops Campaign Request

Fields to include: 

  • Campaign owner: 
  • Campaign type: 
    • Print
    • Paid ads
    • Email
    • Social Media
    • Video
  •  Campaign name:
  • Project deadline: 
  • Campaign start & end dates: 
  • Channels: 
  • Target audience: 
  • Campaign objectives: 
  • Campaign description/Additional information:         
Marketing Operations Request Form

Marketing Operations Request Form in Wrike

7. Expense Reimbursement Request

Fields to include: 

  • Employee name:
  • Employee department:
  • Manager name:
  • Expense period:
  • Business purpose:
  • Expense description: 
  • Total cost: 
  • Attachments (receipts): 

8. PTO Request

Fields to include: 

  • Employee name
  • Department: 
  • Manager: 
  • Start Date: 
  • End Date:

9. Security Access Request

Fields to include: 

  • Employee name: 
  • Title/Department: 
  • Resources requested for access:
  • Access level: 
  • Reason for access: 
  • Duration:  

10. Office Supplies Request

Fields to include: 

  • Employee name: 
  • Department:
  • Supplies needed: 
  • Date needed: (optional)

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