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What is Data Science?


Businesses, non-profits, and public agencies all have a growing demand for data savvy leaders and professionals. This supply of workers that can effectively utilize large-scale data is significantly limited, a fact represented by the fast-rising salaries of data scientists, data analysts, statisticians, and data engineers. Why is there such a shortage?

An Explosion of Data

Today, data is being collected ubiquitously and is very inexpensive to store and manipulate. Centuries worth of analog content has already been digitized and uploaded, but more importantly, it is estimated that 90% of the data in the world today was created in just the past two years. New types of data from mobile devices, internet of things sensors (IoT sensors), transactions, instruments, and server logs are rapidly filling data centers.

In an effort to make sense of all this data, new technologies have emerged in parallel with these advancements. Data scientists can “normalize” and identify patterns and irregularities in data of all kinds. This mountain of data can be used to create commercial value, advance our work processes, and even improve the human condition! Big data has potential to change our world as we know it – from business to biology. According to The New York Times, “This hot new field promises to revolutionize industries from business to government, health care to academia.”


Finance, Healthcare, Technology

Technological Adoption

Major Milestones in 2017, 2017, 2018


Major Player

Amazon (AWS)

Leading Platforms

Domo, Tableau, Microsoft BI

Challenge Accepted

Virtually every industry now has access to more data than was imaginable even a few years ago. Enterprises are accumulating new data at a rate that exceeds their capacity to extract value from it. The question facing us now is how to use this data effectively — not just our own data, but all of the data that’s available and relevant. Most organization’s ability to derive economic value from new data is limited by the their lack of expertise in this emerging field. Working with this data requires a distinctive new set of skills and tools.

That’s where the Dedicated to Data team comes in. Our name is essential to our sole mission – a never wavering commitment to extracting truth from data. Speak with a data scientist today.

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