Data Science and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Dedicated to Data delivers integrated Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions that embolden accelerated decision making. Our solutions are customer designed to enhance user engagement through features such as graphic visualization, redundancy, and DIY self-service dashboards. Essentially, our services aim to boil thousands, millions, or tens of millions of rows of data collected from across your enterprise down to one simple chart that you can use to make decisions about the business.


Project Management

You may have heard about how organizations like NASA are using amazing technology and project management tools to achieve incredible efficiency. However, most businesses have a hard time applying these relatively new software concepts to their own business model and processes. This boom in widely available, largely free software has created tremendous growth for countless companies. Of course, the proper application technology is the key to any organization’s success in such a noble endeavor. That’s where we come in.


Strategic Planning

The bottom line is, you know your business, and we know data science. We will work with you to collect the information you need, imagine new outcomes and possibilities, and develop a plan to make them happen.

We’ll help you to work through a comprehensive data strategy, challenging you to think about problems differently, using a metrics-based, quantitative approach. Your solution will be custom tailored to fit your unique business challenges and goals to begin delivering “wins” both early on and consistently throughout the entire process.

Let's Work Together!

Not only will we get you off to a quick, well established start, but we’ll also provide ongoing consultation to ensure that you remain competitive in your market. The first step is a free evaluation.
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