Strategic Planning

Leverage your data for strategic planning.

You know that your business has valuable data, but you aren’t sure what to do with it. Or perhaps you know that your business could be collecting valuable data, but you don’t yet have systems in place to comprehensively and accurately collect the information you need. The bottom line is, you know your business, and we know data science. We will work with you to collect the information you need, imagine the possibilities, and develop a plan to turn dream KPIs into a real-time dashboard in your hand.

We’ll help you to work through a comprehensive data strategy, challenging you to think about problems differently, using a metrics-based, quantitative approach. Your solution will be custom tailored to fit your unique business challenges and goals. This means that we can help you to align your values with resources and prioritize starting points so that the strategy can begin delivering “wins” early and consistently throughout the process.

Strategic Planning Services


A subject matter expert will work with you one on one in close collaboration to turn your data science strategy into a reality.

Our experience and guidance can offer not only technical advise, but act as a third party sounding board or voice of reason within a greater context. Mentoring is available on an hourly basis and can be conducted remotely, on the phone, or in person.


Strategic Planning

Every great trip has a good road map to thank for it’s success. You need a plan to develop your data science capability. There are many “levels” of data that make up the “holy grail” of data visualizations. Often, we want to see one number, or one chart, or a single year’s revenue – but these cards take time to build. Sometimes, a single output takes millions of rows and dozens of transformations.

How do you ensure that each calculation is correct?

How do you preserve the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the data throughout the entire process?

We’re here to ensure that your road map covers these bases and more.

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