Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Our SEO services will help to bring customers to your website by improving keyword rankings in search engines. We’ll optimize your website and extended web presence so that Google and other search engines can properly index (categorize and store information about) your website for hungry customers that want to search for your business. We specialize in local search engine optimization, especially Lehigh Valley SEO and web design.

Our Approach to SEO

Our five step SEO process ensures that your company gets the most out of our services.


Step 1: Discovery

An initial SEO audit is conducted. This audit will include keyword research as well as a review of the competition, allowing us to build a cohesive project plan outlining strategies for communication, effectiviteness, and success.

Step 2: Strategy

A custom tailored search engine optimization strategy will be created for your business. After a thorough market analysis and a review with the client, specific keywords will be chosen and technical targets will be set. Metrics will be defined so that progress can be evaluated throughout the project.

Step 3: Onsite Optimization

The onsite optimization process allows us to tailor the campaign to the user-experience and include technical improvements. This helps to maximize SEO efforts and improve search engine rankings. Content created onsite is built using SEO best practices while still providing clear value to the user and avoiding strange or unnatural keyword rankings.

Step 4: Content Marketing

Develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s business, website, and competitors in order to provide clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the project.

Step 5: Analysis & Reporting

Detailed analysis, real-time reporting, and scheduled reporting make it easy to ensure that your actions are translated into results. 

The Modern Sales Process

The vast majority of today’s customers search before they buy. If your website isn’t on the first page of Google results, it may as well not even exist. Lehigh Valley SEO experts can help you to ensure that your website appears to relevant customers!

Lehigh Valley SEO

strategies are very different from Philadelphia or New York City search engine optimization strategies. But – the “Valley” is nestled essentially in between these two major metropolitan areas. Many companies purchase paid advertisements on Google or Facebook just to find that their ads aren’t even reaching the right customers. Or, even worse – they are paying through the nose just to be totally overshadowed by major competitors that dominate the big cities.

We’re here for the little and medium-sized companies that want to take their search engine optimization down to the local level, targeting highly specific demographics. We’ll tell you exactly how many people are searching for your products or services in your area – and focus our local SEO services on “long tail” keywords (like ‘Lehigh Valley SEO’ instead of just ‘SEO’) that will be more likely to bring the RIGHT customers to your business.

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