Why Our Clients Choose Wrike – A Short Background on the Project Management Tool

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Why Our Clients Choose Wrike – A Short Background on the Project Management Tool

Technology Tools for our Clients

Most people understand that somewhere out there in the world, companies are using amazing technology and project management tools to do all kinds of amazing things. However, most businesses fail to understand how this applies to their own process or business model. This technology has created growth opportunities for businesses with the help of a skilled consultant. The proper application of the right technology is the key to any software’s success. With that said, we often advise our clients to look into Wrike, our preferred cloud-based project management platform.

In a nutshell….

Wrike is an all-in-one project management and collaboration software that brings thousands of teams around the globe closer to success. It connects tasks, discussions, and emails to your actual project plan. You get an up-to-date picture of the project and can keep your team aligned with your strategy without boring status meetings.

My favorite Wrike features:

  • Simple to use but but fully featured task management
  • Interactive Gantt charts to show tasks and project status over time.
  • Workload management to balance employee’s tasks and time.
  • Time tracker to measure employee performance and inform forecasts of future projects.
  • Discussion boards built into every project and task to allow the conversation to stay hyper-focused on the work at hand.
  • A real-time newsfeed with notifications – this keeps team members on task throughout the day.
  • Document collaboration – no more emailing or searching for files. Attach them to any task, discussion, project, etc.
  • Dozens of integrations with other cloud-based software as well as Microsoft Project and Excel.
  • Email and Calendar integration for Outlook and Gmail
  • Mobile apps for both iPhone and Android
  • Customized reports with scheduled and automated reporting abilities.

The Big Picture

Executives and project stakeholders want to see a simple snapshot of the “big picture”. Even with a variety of teams and more than one project running at the same time, Wrike allows you to stay on top of your team’s work without status meetings or emails. It helps you to streamline your operations and build repeatable processes. It will even offer real-time visibility into the status of projects, important milestones, and specific clients.


In Wrike, teams collaborate on projects throughout the day in real-time. The team becomes more engaged as their work is more clearly defined: they know exactly what to do and they know exactly how their work affects others. As the tasks are passed up/down/along the chain, new contributors are able to get the complete context. They can even go back and look at previous discussions making decisions about the project. The relevant files can be attached to the work so that they have everything they need to get started right away.

Challenges Wrike helps solve:

  •  Data silos: Tasks, discussions and documents scattered across different platforms such as  Skype, email, personal computers, spreadsheets, etc.

  • Unpredictable Results for Managers

  • Poor visibility into work status

  • Missed deadlines, “abandoned work”,  and project failures.


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